The 1990 Elections:
Staten Island Votes a Resounding Yes on Taking Step Toward Separation

Staten Island voted overwhelmingly yesterday to begin a process that could lead the borough to secede from New York City.  82 percent of the voters were in favor of taking the first step toward secession; 18 percent were against it. Staten Island voted overwhelmingly to begin a process that could lead the borough to secede from New York City. 82 percent of the voters were in favor of taking the first step toward secession; 18 percent were against it. The referendum did not call for an immediate withdrawal; it asked whether a charter commission should be formed to explore means of secession.
Staten Island has questioned its relationship to the rest of New York City for almost as long as ferryboats have twined them together. It is the smallest borough, and it regularly refers to itself as the forgotten one. The island's 400,000 citizens bemoan their having the world's largest garbage dump, the Fresh Kills landfill; they complain about the toll on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, and they criticize city services as inadequate.

That was in 1990, what has changed? NOTHING, costs have gone up, services have gone down. Where is the City's promises of making Staten Island a bigger part of New York?
Staten Islander's voted overwhelmingly for Secession from the City of New York.

Our choice was taken away from us by Albany politicians. One man made a decision to over turn the voice of 400,000. It is time to Free Staten Island from the burdensome rules of New York City. Why should we pay surcharges on our Gas bills, Gasoline and Tolls to support the citizens of other counties, boroughs and cities. Why do Staten Islanders pay a premium for Gasoline. Why do Staten Islands Pay outrageous tolls to travel to the rest of the city when the city charter tells us we should have free access to the other boroughs. Sure it is free to drive to Brooklyn but, you have to pay and pay and WAIT to get home. Why do the bridge tolls keep going up with no regard for the citizens of Staten Island? When will the government in Albany take charge of the MTA and the Port Authority. Why do they get to hide their books, hold sham hearings on increases and pay themselves huge salaries. They are our employees, they work for us, if it were a real business they would have been fired long ago.
Citizens of the City of Staten Island wake up. Your taxes are supporting the rest of the New York City. Your tolls are supporting the states of NY and NJ. Your fares on the buses and trains are supporting those who live in Manhattan. Were not getting more public transportation. The West Shore rail will never come. The buffoons in borough hall can only study it, they will never commit to building it. Why must we study things for ten years before deciding we should have done this fifteen years ago.
Citizens of the City of Staten Island, stand up for what is yours. Demand the services we all deserve and have paid for time and time again. It is time to demand our freedom, freedom from high taxes, freedom from endless delays, freedom from the burden of supporting the rest of NYC. We need and want our FREEDOM.



Some Times you just have to stop and say "ENOUGH" We live in NYC, yet no one ever expresses Staten Island as part of the "City". There are maps that don't even have Staten Island on it. Let's face it the only one who cares about Staten Island is YOU! Take charge, do something, don't let City Hall run your life, Don't let City Hall tell you what is good for YOUR home. The Mayor was put in office by Us, it is time he listens to Us.